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Greenspot Shanghai Production Limited came into existence in 2001, founded by directors/ owners of Greenspot Hong Kong Eric Hu and producer Gemini Wong.

We have a complete system team, which consists:

Producer department:  Executive producer *1 , Producer *1 , Assistant producer *1

Director department:   Assistant director *1

Production department:   Production Manager *1 , Location Manager *1 , Production Coordinator *1 , Production Assistant *3

Casting department: Casting Coordinator  *2

Admin department: HR , Accounting (6 people in all)


There are 3 directors : Eric Hu , Brian Lai and Wicky Wong in Greenspot Shanghai , China. In addition , Greenspot cooperate in long term with the production companies and directors abroad, provided providing production services in Shanghai and other areas in China. Working as a team between 2 years to 15years.

With steady and constant growth over the past 16 years, we look out to the future with confidence . Greenspot will make full usage of the roof on Shanghai and Hong Kong to provide agencies and clients with more promising better services.

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​Executive producer


上海录点(Green Spot Shanghai)成立于二零零一年底,是由香港录点的导演Eric Hu(胡兴宇)及制片Gemini Wong(王驹豪)合作成立的一家影视广告制作公司。



制片组包括监制,制片,副制片 3人


制作组包括制作经理,外景经理,制作统筹,制作助理 6人





在国内,上海录点导演有Eric Hu(胡兴宇) ,Brian Lai ( 黎萃明) ,Wicky Wong(黄伟基)等。另外还长期与世界各地的知名导演和制作公司保持良好的合作关系,为他们提供在中国各地的协助拍摄服务。团队合作已有二年至十五年不等。

经过数年的不断成长及改善,展望未来:上海录点(Green Spot Shanghai)将更加发挥以香港及上海两地为平台的作用,为广告代理公司及客户提供更灵活更完善的服务。

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